About us

Photography and Film Making equipment can be expensive, very expensive! Have you ever wanted to get your hands on a high end lens, full frame or film quality camera but couldn’t justify the price? One option is to rent. Renting photography and film making equipment means you’re flexible to use it when and where you like without the substantial outlay. The only problem is, the rental costs are still fairly high and there’s usually a minimum rental period, so you’ll find you’re still spending quite a bit.


Here at Quipr, we’ve come up with a beautiful solution. Why not rent directly from local owners. Makes sense right? The photography and film making community is huge and we’re not using our kit 24/7, so why not rent it out and make a little money on-the-side. Potential renters get the kit they want at a much reduced price and owners earn some additional income, it’s a WIN WIN.


We’ve developed a market place to allow collaboration and sharing for the photography and film making community of Australia.