Step 1: Add your equipment

Put your equipment to work by listing it on Quipr. It's easy and fast to create a new account and did we mention free to use?

Step 2: Securely rent out your equipment

All renters are ID verified and either fully insured or pay a full replacement value deposit upfront. However you still control which rentals to approve.

Step 3: Grow your second income

Earn $1,000's renting out your idle equipment on our secure platform.

Step 1: Search for equipment

Use our platform to find and book the equipment you need. In order to protect users, all renters are either fully insured or required to pay a deposit upfront.

Step 2: Get your equipment

Organising a pickup is easy and you'll expand your network of creatives by meeting new like-minded people.

Step 3: Enjoy the experience

Our goal is to bring you convenience, choice and save you money.

When renting, am I covered by insurance?

Quipr has been designed to work seamlessly with creative businesses who already have insurance policies in place. Therefore in order to be covered by insurance, simply email your existing businesses policy to us ( and our specialists will ensure you're covered.

Why should I use Quipr?

We understand that our most important asset is our community. That's why we've designed our platform around you - our users. Besides offering an opportunity to connect with other like-minded creatives, we aim to offer a one-of-a-kind community sharing experience with awesome customer service.

How does the rental process work?

It's really simple. As an owner, you add as much equipment as you wish to Quipr. This won't cost you a cent and once you've set your daily rental price, you can sit back and start earning money. As a renter, you get to pick and choose which equipment and pricing suits you. Once you've selected and paid for the equipment you require, you pick it up before 9am from the owner and once you're all done, you simply return the equipment to the owner before 5pm on the day of return.

Are there any Quipr fees?

We don't charge any registration fees or monthly charges. We do charge a 5% rental fee and 15% owner fee once an item is successfully rented. This helps cover our rental and owner costs such as ID verification, payment processing and to generally keep the site running smoothly.

Is Quipr available outside Australia?

Quipr is only available within Australia at this time.

How much money can I make?

This depends on how much equipment you have listed and also how competitively it's priced. As an example, if you list $10,000 worth of equipment that's rented out for just 3 days each month, you can expect $10,800 extra income for that year.

What can I list?

We encourage you to list all items which relate to the creative industry (e.g. film, photography, drones, accessories etc.).

How should I price my listings?

As a general rule, we recommend a listing price between 2-5% of the equipment value, however, it's your equipment and therefore we think it's only fair that you decide the rental listing price.

As an owner, how and when do I get paid?

Payments will be processed directly into your nominated bank account at the end of the rental period.

As an owner, how safe is my equipment?

We understand how valuable your equipment is, which is why we've put measures in place to ensure its safety. Firstly, we 3rd party ID match and verify all new renters. We've also built a star ratings system which should help guide whether you approve or decline a rental request. Finally, to give you peace of mind - renters are required to have either a fully validated insurance policy or pay the full replacement value of the item rented upfront.

When renting, do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, in order to maintain trust and credibility, we ask all renters to pay a deposit of either 10% of the item value if a valid insurance policy is in place or the full replacement item value if no insurance is in place. All estimated item values provided by owners are audited by Quipr and deposits are refunded to renters once the item is safely returned.

As a renter, what happens if the equipment I rented gets damaged or stolen?

As a renter, you are liable for the equipment you rent. We highly recommend you submit your current business insurance to so we can ensure you're covered for any damaged equipment. If you are not covered by equipment insurance, you will be required to pay a refundable deposit when booking an item.

As a renter, why do I need to verify my identity?

We take the security and safety of our users very seriously. One of the many ways we help ensure a great and trustworthy community is to ID verify all renters. This helps foster trust and gives owners peace of mind when renting out their equipment.

Can I ask an owner a question?

You sure can! Simply click on any registered user's profile to contact them directly. You will also find a 'Contact owner' button within the equipment rental page.

Why is my rental request pending?

We leave it up to each owner to either approve or decline a rental request. We also encourage owners to approve requests as soon as possible, however keep in mind that requests may be declined for a number of reasons (e.g. the owner required the equipment during the requested rental period).

Can a transaction be cancelled?

It may be possible to cancel a booking if the rental period has not yet started. In such a case, please email us as soon as possible ( so we can organise a refund and if required, help you as the renter find alternative equipment.

What is your late policy?

The agreed deadline for returning equipment is 5pm. However, we understand 'life happens' sometimes, so if you are running late, please be courteous and contact the owner as soon as possible. If the item is returned more than an hour late, you may be charged an additional rental day.

How do I get further help?

We pride ourselves around our customer service, so if you ever had a question or just want to say 'Hi!', drop us an email at